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DOA: Dead or Alive

DOA: Dead or Alive

DOA: Dead or Alive    07 September 2006


TMDb: 5/10 321 votes

Four beautiful rivals at an invitation-only martial-arts tournament join forces against a sinister threat. Princess Kasumi is an aristocratic warrior trained by martial-arts masters. Tina Armstrong is a wrestling superstar. Helena Douglas is an athlete with a tragic past. Christie Allen earns her keep as a thief and an assassin-for-hire.



D.O.A.    18 March 1988


TMDb: 6.2/10 58 votes

Dexter Cornell, an English Professor becomes embroiled in a series of murders involving people around him. Dexter has good reason to want to find the murderer but hasn't much time. He finds help and comfort from one of his student, Sydney Fuller.

DOA (Doyok-Otoy-Ali Oncom): Cari Jodoh

DOA (Doyok-Otoy-Ali Oncom): Cari Jodoh

DOA (Doyok-Otoy-Ali Oncom): Cari Jodoh    16 August 2018


TMDb: 0/10 0 votes

In the first part of the DOA trilogy, Doyok has to find his true love because of his dream.

Dead on Arrival

Dead on Arrival

Dead on Arrival    11 August 2017


TMDb: 6/10 6 votes

A pharmaceutical sales rep visits a small town in Louisiana on business. He finds himself in a dark world of corruption and murder with 24 hours to live, running from the police, the mob and a sheriff that wants him dead.



D.O.A.    30 April 1950


TMDb: 7.1/10 62 votes

Frank Bigelow, told he's been poisoned and has only a few days to live, tries to find out who killed him and why.



D.O.A.    12 September 1980


TMDb: 4.6/10 4 votes

Documentary chronicaling the rise and fall of the punk movement with rare interview footage of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. Also concert and news footage.

Door 3

Door 3

Door 3    13 April 1996


TMDb: 9/10 1 votes

Miyako is a frustrated insurance saleswoman stuck in a major dry spell. She tries every trick in the book, including aggressive flirting, which gets her plenty of gropers but no buyers. One day while venturing down a narrow stairwell, she injures her ankle and happens upon Mitsuru who works for some mysterious foreign company. Decked out in high goth style -- complete with long inky black hair and mascaraed eyes -- Mitsuru cuts quite an odd figure, yet his seductive though menacing ways make him difficult for Miyako to resist. Escorting her to his office to treat her ankle, Miyako notices that his all-female staff seem more glassy-eyed and soul-deadened than the average office workers. In fact, they seem almost like zombies. Later, weird things start happening. Mitsuko finds vomit on her doorstep, she seems to be tailed by a shadowy woman in a red dress, and most strikingly, she finds herself utterly powerless against Mitsuru's advances.